#BringSomethingPink is a multidisciplinary research. 

This is an open call for images that has the color pink in them.

After 'the b&w project' , this is our second theme based project.


If you think your idea is far out , and probably not what we meant, please send it over. 

The project will be realized online, as a Publication and through a series of exhibitions.

Each submission can Upload 1- 10 images

Please note in the details description :

* This works are available for an exhibition.

**  This image is copy right free, and available for printing (2 mega min) .

*** This is a Low resolution Image, strictly for internet use.

Deadline : the project is ongoing throughout the year.

Same as in the B&W project, opportunities arise as the project grows.

so far we had a book a series of editions and five expo for the b&w project. 

We intend to do the same here ...

"The Black and White Project" is an ongoing exploration that started as a curatorial post on the L&L blog. In 2014 it was expanded into an exhibition at the L&L Gallery. An accompanying publication includes works by 100 artists from around the world was added specifically for the London Sluice Art fair. A print edition with works by 6 artists, printed by Atelier Tchikebe, was added to the project last year. In August 2016 the Black & White Project, is exposed at Transmitter, with around 60 artists from around the world.
If you think your work belongs in this project, let us know...
We are both artists, and we both know how this works.
People who orgenize exhibitions get swomped with mails.
Many artists send their links sporadicly to the L&L inbox. the result is that they get lost in my daily current of events and i never/rarely get to go over them.

If you like my work, blog and projects, and if you think i should go over your links, please consider supporting my efforts by submitting here.
I admit I get overwealmed easily. this submittable site keeps the links for me in an orgenized manner, it makes them accesible for me to go over when ever I am looking for content for a new project. its a true data base.

there is no deadline to submiting here
I will contact you, once i viewed your work and in case i need it for a project.
Thanks !